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We drive the extra mile.

Each industry has its own set of challenges, which we have transformed into opportunities. The aviation industry is as different from the oil industry as chalk is from cheese. That is why we have designed customized services to cater to the very special and exclusive needs of each industry. Some of the industries that we proudly service are:


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We like to believe that we play a small yet integral role in ensuring that the aviation industry is never grounded. An industry always at the cutting edge of technology, it involves the shipping of extremely complex cargo such as normal- and large-sized aircraft engines. With our timely delivery of shipments, we’ve helped ensure a flight is never delayed.


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The region is going urban like never before and the construction industry is booming with projects, both big and small. The cargo requirements of this industry is special, which is why we offer tailor-made haulage plans for the construction industry.

Oil Fields

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Oil makes the world go round and we ensure that the oil industry is constantly moving forward. Our specialized haulage solutions includes a large variety of appropriate trailers for everything, from machinery to oil itself.

Dangerous Goods

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Dangerous goods such as solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals pose a number of safety challenges. That is why we employ advanced safety features and security processes that are in absolute compliance with all governmental regulations.